Asos x Nike Air Force 1

ASOS believe fashion thrives on individuality and should be fun for everyone, being authentic, brave and creative to its core. Nike’s mission is to drive the public to do everything possible expanding human potential, taking in consideration sustainability and innovation.

This personal project took shape as a 360 campaign proposal, which goal was the communication of the launch of Nike Air Force 1 on ASOS.

To bring this approach to life, I’ve designed a Facebook video, Poster, ASOS homepage banner and social media assets targeting ASOS audience.

In a turbulent time, this campaign concept focused on bravery, self expression, body positivity and difference embracement.

It’s tagline “Express your force. Wear it, your way” encourages the audience to express their personalities and strengths with the trainers they would wear.

Each personality and trainer models were translated by the use of different patterns and colour combinations.

Poster Homepage Hero Image Social Content FB Promo Video


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Production and Photography


Ana Pedro is a graphic designer based in London, specialised in Motion, Web, Branding, Art Direction and Photography Production.

She was involved in multiple campaigns for different brands such as Selfrigdes, MADE.com, HP, Warner Bros Games, We Hate Pink, IKEA, Disney, Volkswagen, Bacardi Group, Economist and Virgin.

Into music and dance, you might find her in the latest gigs in town if not her my regular contemporary dance classes.

Having an huge interest for fashion and photography she took a Fashion Photography short course at LCCA (2016) and works simultaneously as a photography producer.

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