Synergy is the key

"Synergy is the Key" is a manifest for conscious web usage, and it was my final BA project. This manifest took form as a magazine, 4 posters and a website.

As the title suggests, the great power of internet is the creation of synergies. In order to use this medium's power for a common good, it is urgent to raise user awareness.

This project was a response to a briefing which goal was the approach to social design, through a platform/campaign based on a detailed research of an actual paradigm, seeking at the smae time the collaboration with International Amnesty.


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Production and Photography


Ana Pedro is a graphic designer from Lisbon, living in London. Specialized in motion, web, editorial and branding.

Ana is currently working as a designer at Proximity London for brands as Ikea, Disney, Volkswagen, Bacardi, Economist and Virgin. In the past she collaborated with Elbow Productions and CHK design.

Into music and dance, you might find her in the latest gigs in town if not in her regular contemporary dance classes.

Having an huge interest for fashion and photography she did a Fashion Photography short course at LCCA (2016) and works simultaneously as a photography assistant/producer for fashion editorials.

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